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We are all pilgrims on our path.  My FEET are a portrait.  Made out of ceramic, cast iron and bronze each foot   is free to move.  In any place and in any arranged position they reflect an attitude.  Two pairs, facing, can suggest a dialogue and five pairs in a circle   can suggest a conversation.

The idea for my FEET as sculpture started after working at an archeological site, SYNAXIS, in northern Greece, 1987, 1990. As I cleaned hundreds of pot shards found in the Byzantine monastery, I could “hear” the foot prints of the ancient Greek, Roman, Early Christian and Byzantine pilgrims who had inhabited the same site.

My FEET have walked from Greece to Chicago, to New York and to Switzerland.  They make a path.

In the last five years my work has taken to the sky for inspiration.  See members of my FLOCK:  “CrowRaven” , “Henry”, “PeaHawk”, “Madonna”,” Ravi of the Ravines”, “Hirshmoor” and “RocketRaven”.  These hybrids are all made out of paper, cardboard, tacks, twine, wire and lots of glue.  Two owls,  OWL OF KAY and OWL OF HERBERT, welded bronze, were inspired by my paper hybrid birds. The owls are perched perpetual on a tree overlooking Lake Michigan.

Biography:  1987-2019, Professor, ceramics/design, Columbia college, Chicago, IL. MFA, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Il. 1987-2019, member of the Midwest Clay Guild, Evanston, Il.  I have won local and national awards.  I have exhibited nationally and internationally.  In Chicago I have exhibited sculpture at   Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, St James Episcopal Cathedral and Schuler Prairie Garden, Lake Bluff, IL.

Philosophy:  My FEET are inspired by classical Greek sculpture.  My garden FEET are a homage to all who love to walk in nature and to all the pilgrims who have walked before us and to all pilgrims who walk today and tomorrow. 

My Birds were influenced by outsider art.  I am influenced by the direct expression and the respect for materials in outsider art.   The source of my avian hybrid birds comes from images in secular medieval Byzantine art. 

Materials: ceramic, cast iron, cast bronze, welded bronze, paper and cardboard

CONTACT:  marykseyfarth@yahoo.com.  Phone:  224-220-4072